"Quentin Moore is a diverse artist with a powerful voice full of R&B & Soul. With an undeniable presence, he puts on a soul-cleansing show that makes you want more, he has seductive lyrics and charisma to match. Not to be missed!"
- Lori Stevensen - Austin Daze

"...There's something about his old-school sensibilities that's appealing in the age of electro beats and Auto Tune."
- Hunter Hauk - QuickDFW.com

Quentin Moore Featured on CW33 News Fix for Valentine’s Day!

Feb 16

I was featured on CW 33 on Valentine’s for my SongGram service! Check out the story here -> (Video)


New Album Now Available!!!! “The Vday EP: Volume 2

Feb 11


Q.Moore Deluxe SongGrams for Valentine’s Day 2015! Book Now!

Jan 20



A Few Song Choices…

For the Love of you – Isley Bros

Ooh Baby Baby – Smokie Robinson

Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

Kiss – Prince

My Girl – Temptations

Simply Beautiful – Al Green

Be Thankful – William DeVaughn (Diamond in the back)

Lala Means I love you – Delfonics

Stand By Me – Ben E. King

Prototype– Andre 3000

Baby – Justin Beiber

Lady – D’angelo

You are so Beautiful – Joe Cocker

Sincerely – Moonglows

***Choices are not limited to this list, but If Q.Moore doesn’t know the song you request, their MAY be an additional fee to learn it.

*** Also, Q.Moore can perform any of his Original Songs!


Red Velvet Cookies will be provided by Chazzy Cakes Bakery Co.! Homemade just for your loved one! If you need more than a half dozen Cookies,  there will be an upcharge. Let us know!


All Orders come with 1 Rose! ;-)  (More roses will be an upcharge)

SongGrams will be Video taped and placed in a Highlight video with other song-grams from the day. Because of the number of SongGrams, I cant promise your SongGram will make the Highlight video.  If you want a special, individually edited video, Add $20 to your order. 


 Time Slots

Available February 12th, 13th, and 14th (7a – 6p) and Feb. 15th (2p-9p)

At Booking, Please list the time frame you would like to surprise your loved one. (Ex. 12p-5p, or 8a-3p)

If there is only one specific time during the day, Please let me know ASAP.  First come First Serve on Specific times.

*We can book outside of Valentine’s week For Any Occasion, but price will be $80 instead of $70.  Also, you can book anytime of the day.


Video Song Grams

We have added this new feature last year! Video Song Grams! This was designed for people who do not live in Dallas Fort Worth but want to use the SongGram Service. Q.Moore will be recorded singing a special dedication to your loved one. The Video Link or File will be edited and emailed to you to Surprise your loved one with.



At Time of Booking, Please list…

Your Name, Loved One’s Name, Location/Address for SongGram, Time Frame, Song, and Any add ons (More Roses or Cupcakes, Edited Video, etc)

Payment must be received IN FULL to OFFICIALLY book SongGram.

Because of my schedule, I prefer Online Payment (I can

If you absolutely want to meet in person, we can schedule a time.

Credit Card/Paypal/Square – Invoice sent after you email me your order (Small fee for Credit Card Transactions)

Cash – In Person

Check – Made out to Quentin Moore

(In person or Mailed, Check Must be valid before we proceed with official booking.)


***If for any reason your SongGram service is not performed, You will be FULLY REFUNDED ASAP.


Booking – Qmooremusic@yahoo.com

Presenting Nyiesha Bell! (Acoustic Cover EP)

Jan 20

I was fortunate enough to produce an Acoustic EP of Covers with Dallas Singer  Nyiesha Bell! Check it out!






BLOG: The Ray and Janay Rice Situation…

Sep 9



OOOKKK…I wasnt going to say anything about the Ray Rice situation but here it is! LOL! You are more than welcome to comment below whether you disagree or not…Its just my opinion and I’ll love you no matter what yours is!

1. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Ray Rice was wrong for hitting Janay. We didnt see what took place before or after but wrong is wrong. Keep your hands to yourself. I wouldnt have been happy if that was my daughter, sister, wife, mom, aunt, friend or just the fact that it was a woman. He should have used better judgement. No matter what you read below, I stand by this, so don’t twist my words.

2. Ray and Janay are humans just like us. They are not some robots that are perfect and if they mess up you stone them. While Ray Rice was wrong, he is not perfect and is eligible for redemption and forgiveness just like any other human. You couldnt tell that by some of these posts/articles Im seeing tho! SMH! What if your deepest darkest secrets were recorded and posted on the internet?! How would you be viewed? People are quick to criticize, but forget they are human and not free of problems or pitfalls themselves.

3. Janay – She is the victim, but I think more people are concerned with crucifying Ray Rice and making him out to be an animal than seeing her side. Truth is, We dont know if this situation was a first time deal, or an ongoing situation, but they have decided to work through it, so leave them alone. Women are saying she is stupid, but some of yall are single or even dealing with an idiot themselves.But you claim you know what love is! LOL! SMH! Have a seat please. Besides, this happened in February, so they very well could be over the situation. You dont know them or their full situation so pray for them (if you even pray) and leave them alone!

4. Haters – All of you Man Haters (JUMP HIGH AND FAST to crucify men everytime they messup in the news), Athlete Haters, and Cosigning Men (Saying empty dumb shit like, “I would never hit a woman and I love women and they should forever be cherished” JUST TO GET SOME ASS OR LIKES FROM WOMEN) SIT YOUR ASSES DOWN! You are not genuine and you are making noise to make your miserable lives interesting.

5. NFL – Should have done a better investigation from the beginning. BUT, my problem is, if you ruled two games after your investigation, keep it at that. Everyone knew what happened before this tape was released. If you wanted him out because of this, you should have got the ruling right the first time! I agree with the current ruling, but the NFL should have just got it right the first time.

I personally with Ray and Janay the best and pray for them to stay strong in their decision to stay together. I hope they get past this situation and that nothing like this happens again with them. I hope they see this post and that it encourages them and If they do, Here is a Song for them from me! ;-)